Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Trail Walking

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I decided to take advantage of it before the first snow fall of winter. I took the girls for a walk around a local trail. 2 miles in I started thinking about how heavy my girls have gotten. Then I realized that their combined weight is about what I am trying to lose! It motivated me even further to keep on truckin'. At the end of it all I felt wanderful. .In fact, I am even going for it again today!! I met a young woman there that was pushing two seperate strollers with a 1yr old and a 2 yr old and she was about 12 months pregnant! I started talking to her and decided that she could really use my extra double stroller that I have. So today at 10 I am meeting her at the park and dropping off the stroller. I think she will enjoy being able to just push 1 stroller at a time!

I did get a little bit of sleep last night, but I also got into a new book that my sister sent me from Chicago. Its called "The Underground Empire, Where crime and governments embrace" by James Mills. It is all about the DEA and actually mentions my DAD!! He was a DEA Agent for many years and had some amazing stories to tell... So now I am hooked on reading this 1163 page book!!

Hoping to get a good workout in tonight. I weighed myself today and have lost 1 lb... which is a great start!! At least haven't gained!

talk to you tomorrow


angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay!!! you've started! Good job.

dirtyed said...

this is something else tiger lilly
i had heard of blogs but did not have any idea what they were. i learned so much i did not know even tho i have known you for quite a few yers now . i am very happy about your chritian experiance as you probably are aware i too am a born again christian and i anm sorry the lord had to nearly kill me to get my attention, but HE GOT IT,
kepp up your good work there is nothing you can not do except mabey catch duffy when she is running in high
i will faithfully write you a answer now that i can get your blogs