Thursday, October 12, 2006


I did not give up ... just took a little siesta!! I went to my high schools 10 yr reunion last weekend. A bunch of us met for lunch and had a blast. I couldn't believe how much some of us had changed in 10 years. All for the better though!! I took my girls with me, which ended up being a little bit hectic. The drive down was fine.. I only had to pull over once or twice to fetch bottles and toys off the backseat floor. The first night, they were so excited to be somewhere else, that they did not go to sleep until 11pm. Amber was busy chasing Jenns cats all over the place. Saturday we had alot of fun shopping and doing lunch, but by that evening I was dreading another late night.. so I packed up the girls and headed home. It was great, they slept the WHOLE way home!!!

My diet was pretty much blown all weekend. Jenn ordered lots of pizza.. and I showed her how to make a homemade apple pie. Between all that , and sitting in the car for 6 hours.. I did not keep up my end of the bargain. It carried on into the week... Monday I swore I would start again Tuesday... Tuesday I swore I would start again Wednesday... Wednesday I swore I would start again today... so up until today.. I have managed to just do alot of swearing!!! I did, however, get out of the house for a 2 mile walk pushing the girls in the stroller. I've noticed that when I push the stroller, I feel alot of my workout in the butte!! Lord knows, thats exactly where I need it!! Tomorrow I am doing a Brazillian dance workout.. should be liberating!! and Saturday is another morning of torture in Kempo class. So I am back on track!!

There is a pattern that I have found in my 28 years of dieting. Just when I am starting to do really well.. eating what I should... losing weight... I sabotage myself. Am I the only one that does that?? I can go from doing fantastic, to binging on a gallon of ice cream in a heart beat.. and I always end up starting all over again. Scared of success?? the love of torture??? I dont know.. but I've got to figure out a way to quit it.

I've noticed that only a couple of people are leaving comments... (thank you Angie)... but I really rely on people for support... and being that I am a stay home mom in a small town... this is sometimes my only way of communicating with the outside world! Please!! Even if it is just a 'hello', it will help me to know that you are traveling on this road with me!!


Mollymeo said...

I am so glad to see that you are back on track..wish that I had your will power and I know that you can do anything that you set your head and heart on...Love you, Aunt Jo

Anonymous said...

don't you just hate self-sabotage? i (and nearly everyone i know) tend to do the same thing. i found out over the years that when i don't promise myself i'll get back on track the next day, things get better. the secret? vow to jump RIGHT BACK on track. that very moment. my therapist once taught me the concept of salvaging the day. i do some exercise (sometimes a walk is all i can handle if i'm too full) and try to have a healthy meal for dinner (or lunch, depending what meal got screwed up). keep the good work. you only have to do this one day at a time!

ClareUK said...

I've just found your blog and the only difference that we have is that I have 33 years of dieting!!

I have lost over 300 pounds- actually the same few pounds over and over again, but you can only keep on chipping away at the healthy lifestyle.

Keep up the good work!