Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scales and horns...

Its freezing this morning... both fireplaces are roaring and we are all bundled up in layers of pj's, jogging pants, sweaters and robes... I do not feel light and skinny! LOL

To my friends and family that left comments yesterday.. THANK YOU. It feels great to know that you are standing behind me in this. It is something that has challenged me my whole life and now I think I am old enough and strong enough to finally face it.

To Aunt J... it may be genetic.. but there is no excuse!!
To Tammy... you are a wanderful friend, I will definatley take you up on that mean salad!!
To Jodi.. my favorite workout on DVD is TAE BO. The moves are fairly simple and it works EVERYTHING. By the way, no one ever makes it thru the whole workout the first time. Love you to sis!!
To Jill... a new friendship that I hope will continue for another 10 yrs..LOL!!
To Cory... keep up the great work.. we'll get there!!
To Becky.. YOU... RUNNING??HAHAHAHAHA... just kidding. Keep it up and next summer we'll be running around the high school tracks..showing up those football players!!

Yesterday was a GREAT workout day. I ran 1 mile in the morning, and another at night. Did a total of 150 sit-ups and 30 min upper body conditioning. I feel wanderful today... yet again! No cheating on my diet.. and drank 124 oz of water. wooohooo! Today is a day of outings.. so will not run this morning, but tonight I am hoping to get 4 miles in on the treadmill. My hubby is out of town until tomorrow, so I will have to wait until both kids are snoozing.

I heard about a new challenge that I thought was pretty cool. Its called the Presidents Challenge. You create your own account and you log all of your activity during the day... each activity counts for so many points. Once you get 20,000 points logged, you win a bronze metal. I dont think you actually get one, but they do have prizes you can buy after you get the points. Check it out.

So my scale has been looming in the corner of the bathroom with a big red neon sign flashing "TRY ME". Now, my weigh day is not until Monday, but in the back of my mind I want to know if all this butt kicking is working. I have managed to run out of the bathroom every time that sign starts flashing, but am curious. At the same time, I am scared to wait until Monday, just to step on it and see the same numbers appear.... I think I just described my re-accuring nightmare.

Anyway... the day is waiting for me.

Have a blessed day!!


IM Able said...

Just found your log and wish you all the best with your goals!

Terry said...

Hey Black Belt! I love your site :) Maybe I'll see you in class? Hang in there--keep it green!

Becky said...

Don't give in to the EVIL SCALE. It is an instrument of the devil!! Plus it's more fun to try on old clothes and have them fit!!! Keep it up girl. P.S. Not only is my uterus complaining about my jogging, so are the twins (if ya know who I mean.)

Cory said...

Not the scale!!! Hang in there. You'll make it til Monday.