Monday, October 30, 2006

Weigh-In #2

Ok.. so no loss this week. No gain either though.. so that is good. Thanks to everyone who left such wanderful comments yesterday. thank you , I appreciated every one of them. I have taken a step back and looked at what I was doing as far as my diet is concerned. I have found two problems... first, I am eating great.. but my portions are HUGE. So from now on I need to cut them in half... Second, I am not drinking the water I should be.. for some reason I am just having a hard time with that. For those worried I was going to start starving myself on 1200 calories a day.. dont worry!! I think my clories will drop just by cutting my portions. As far as snacks.. I will just be drinking protein shakes... so I think this will work. I guess we will see on the next weigh day.

I walked 3 miles yesterday in 40 min. I felt great afterwards, so I am definatly building up my stamina. I have to find a replacement for my trail walks with the girls.. the weather is too cold to take them out now.. I think I am going to try doing more of the Tae Bo dvd's.... I still walk on the treadmill every morning.. but I get bored of that if I do it twice a day.

As for stress.. well my life is full of it right now.. I am trying to pull myself away from things that are causing me to stress.. but you can only do so much. I am quitting the Praise Band at my church.. too much drama and too much time away from my family. PR is a no-go. My hubby got passed up for the job by his two brothers..which, without going into too much detail.. was REALLY wrong of his Dad to do. So unless they call for a 3rd man.. we will not be going.. (sorry Ivy) It breaks my heart because I was really looking forward to it..(and the bonus money would have gone towards adding on to our house) but... se la vi.

So today I am walking and rearranging the the dining room...(I am liking this new workout routine of just moving furniture..LOL) thanks again for all the support.. it means alot to me. If it weren't for this blog and the people I have met on it .. I probably would have given up already.

Have a Blessed Day


Cory said...

Sorry about PR. That sucks. Hope you can do better on your water this week. That's by problem too. And I'm sure that after cutting portions you'll do better next week. If you don't, you could always try the Wendie plan. I've heard lots of WW people rave about it!

Cory said...

You can find out the details of the Wendie plan at As for the basics, you moderate what you eat to a certain point value, and that value changes every day for the course of a week.

lisa jane said...

You look beautiful in that picture.You look happy in the midst of some fun that we are not privvy to, and your cheeks are glowing!