Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a good day. Not the best for a workout. I did go to my Kempo class, but we worked mainly on form. So the sweat did not exactly poor. We did , however, have a great stretching session that really got my legs feeling great. I need to do that a lot more! I do have a question for my running friends. We women have a little extra on top, especially when you are heavier, what is the best running bra you found? I find my back is aching alot when I run..

Last night we went to my moms dinner party and she made the most delicious enchiladas!! One of her specialties. Although high in calorie and fat... I did have some, but limited my plate to just a small serving. I also passed up the most delicious looking lemon topped white cake. ( Angie: I think it would have been better then YOUR chocolate cake! LOL) Got home and was going to hop on the treadmill. Instead, I sat down to put my baby to sleep and ended up dozing off myself. Guess all this working out has worn me a little.

I wanted to thank my friend Angie for being such great support. I hope she will hang around with me until the finish line!! And OLGA ... thank you for your advice.. would love to talk to you some more!

So my plans for today... run a mile before I have to get ready for church. I am going to try and at least get under the 16 min mark. My hubby and I have a date this afternoon for dinner and a movie. The first in a long time... kids tend to ruin the dating scene! LOL

See you tomorrow


Anonymous said...

pardon my ignorance, but... is kempo the one in which you do animal poses? or am i completely off the mark? and if so... what is it?
enjoy your sunday!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

man, I'm behind in my bloglines!!!

better than chocolate cake?! whew!