Monday, October 30, 2006

Puerto Rico

I know.. I swore I was done talking about it.. but this is good news!

My hubby just called from work and told me that over the weekend the job down in PR approved a 3rd man.. so we ARE going!!! We will be leaving in a few weeks.. so I have to make another list (since I threw out my first one in a huff and puff thinking we weren't going) of things that I have to get done before we leave. Yeah!! I'm so excited.. just goes to show you... things have a wierd way of working out!!


de said...

see i told you the man works things out

lisa jane said...

things always work out,whether the way you expected or planned or in another totally surprising way.You just need to be patient,and open to whatever happens.Let go of the outcome.Hooray peurto rico!!!! (sic)

chubby said...

Wow, isn't it funny how your life can change in a matter of minutes? One moment you're all huffy, puffy from not getting to move to PR and the next you're getting ready and making lists. Anyways, I'm glad everything is working out for you. I love your optimistic attitude and hope you never lose it.

Mama said...

I will miss you all so very much but knowing this makes you happy I can see it as a Blessing and I hope the couch is big enough for Granny!
Once you are on your new adventure the weight will just come offf.
I'm more worried about a fence than weight at this moment. But know it will all come together.
Te quiero mucho

Living to Feel Good said...

WooHooOO!! Glad it all worked out. I tell my husband that all the time..things just work out.

LOVE the picture below. Thanks for sharing.

No worries about not losing this week. Maintaining is awesome, so don't forget that you had to give it some hard work just to do that.

Have fun with the girls tomorrow night! :D

Cory said...

WOW! Glad things have worked out.

de said...

ok tl you kepon keeping on and do not beat up mcduff unless you need to