Friday, October 27, 2006


Good Morning. I will quit telling you how cold it is, because I think it is going to be cold for at least 4 more months... so just remember that I am freezing my butt off (I wish!!) while I am writing every morning!!

Is it just me, or is it freakin' expensive to eat healthy?? Good grief, I spent as much as I usually do, but got HALF of what I normally get. Natural Peanut Butter... 4.49... the stuff I usually buy... 1.19... You would think that food without all that extra crap would be cheaper.. not more!! UGH.. no wander the majority of the US is obese.. its cheaper!!

Ok, now that my griping is over.. yesterday went well. I did have a snack that was not part of my diet (one packet of the kids gummy snacks) , but I jumped right back on track. I walked my mile on the treadmill and did my ab routine. I am thinking that I need to up my walking though. I did a mile last night and , although I was sweating, it did not feel like I really exherted myself doing it. So starting today I will do my regular 1 mile walk in the morning (because that is all I have time for) and then do 2 miles in the evening.

I cant beleive weigh in #2 is only a couple days away.. this week sure went by fast.

Today is the day we are supposed to get the news on our move to Puerto Rico... I am hoping it is soon.. I would love to be on the beach Christmas morning! I have been day dreaming that when we come back in a year I will be thin and TAN.. there's nothing like moving to an island for a year to lose 60 lbs and get a tan. LOL

By the way.. the living room looks great.. moved all the pictures around (I am a picture freak when it comes to my kids) and today .. the bedroom!!

Have a Blessed Day!


Cory said...

Can't wait to hear the news on Puerto Rico! And it is a lot cheaper...

de said...

i did a bunch of rearranging and cleaning mysef
hang in there

lisa jane said...

Its funny to hear you talk of the cold,It is just hitting summer here and the days are quite warm,particularly when you are active.Healthy food definately is more expensive, i dont care what they say.You can get away with really cheap groceries if you buy no brand stuff but the thing is,the non name stuff is usually pretty generic,with not a lot of lighter options.
I have found even with the lighter no name products nutritionwise there is usually a better more expensive option.
Then there is the price of produce.I just want good quality,fresh fruit and veg.Then meat,the lean healthy cuts are always way more expensive than the lardy ones.ggggrrrrrr.
It makes me really mad when i am just trying to do the right thing for myself and my family.
good luck with the news!!!

Laura said...

Yeah, the expense is more for real food. And people wonder how poor folks can be both overweight and malnourished! Just read the side of a package of hot dogs and you will know why. Cheap food is full of garbage, especially the stuff that has a long shelf life.