Sunday, October 22, 2006

Apple Pie Sunday....

Its a great morning for baking Apple Pie... which is good, because I had to make two of them for church today. We have a pastor appreciation brunch this afternoon.. and that is my contribution.

Yesterday was great. I ran a mile in the morning, keeping up my speed to 15 min/mile. I then ran off to Kempo for 3 hours and got a good stetch and workout in. The diet went well.

Today I am off to church and then home to run and do my upper body conditioning. Tomorrow is Weigh Day...YIKES. I came to the conclusion.. I dont care if the numbers dont move..just as long as they dont go UP!

Nattie: Kempo is a Hawaiin Martial Art. It envolves forms, hand to hand combat, knife fighting and take downs.

I will leave you with this REALLY cute picture of my girls trying on their halloween costumes...

Have a Blessed Day


a.m. said...

What cute children! And what a lucky pastor! I hope he/she enjoys the pie.

MOM said...

The pie was the best and I am glad I am Granny and can eat two peices of pie and nothing else for lunch.
You did so well just eating all that fruit. I'm proud of you. Sure was an enjoyable morning.
I love you MOM

Cory said...

The girls look wonderful. Kempo sounds kinda fun. Wish we had something around here for that.

And good luck with Weigh In tomorrow.