Friday, October 20, 2006


Another cold morning.. guess it is officially winter. Yesterday went well.. but not as good as it could have been. I took a well needed rest from running and did a 15 min DVD Abs workout last night... but that was all the excersize I could manage. My diet slipped once..(who can say no to a caramel covered apple??) but jumped back on track. I felt a little guilty about it.. but realized that I have been doing excellent all week, one treat a week is not going to shatter my diet. As long as I keep it to just ONE treat a week.

I had lunch with my mom yesterday.. and ordered a salad. I even went back and asked if they had any fat free dressing! woohoo. She brought me some chopsticks that someone had given to her from Thailand.. I ate my salad with them and realized that each bite meant ALOT. It took me a good 20 min to eat it.. when normally I could have inhaled it in 5. So, I think I am going to try the chopsticks for awhile. At least until I have trained myself no to eat so fast... which if your a mother of 2 young ones.. you know that sometimes its the only way to get anything at all!

As for excersize today... this morning I am running 1 mile. I am going to make this house spotless for the hubby who is coming home today.. so that will burn some major calories! LOL ... I also have 1 mile to run tonight and my upper body conditioning. No cheating on the diet today... and 124 oz of water again. Why 124 ? I found a calculator that determines by your height and weight how much water you should be drinking .. not everyone can get by with just 64oz a day. Like me... mine is 124.. double what everyone says. It has helped ALOT.. I feel so much better .

I have managed to stay clear of the scale so far... only 2 more days to go before Weigh Day... YIKES

I put a countdown on here that counts down the days to Christmas.. for two reasons... 1.. I love Christmas, now that I have kids I have found the joy in it again.....2.. That is my last weigh in day of the year.. so I want to make sure I work my butt off for it.

Another Day.. Another Mile

Have a Blessed Day


Molly said...

Hey! Jodi told me about your blog. I think this is great and I hope that you are extremely successful. I will be pulling for you all the way! I have 25lbs to lose and it is really hard, I can't imagine doing what you are doing!! Keep up the good work. We love ya!

Tammy said...

One treat a week?! What will-power! Absolutely amazing to a person who completely pigged out at a Bunco party last night! I won't be able to go to those too often! :-) Keep it up, my friend! You're awesome!

de said...


Granny said...

I know Bailey shared the salad with you! You did very well with the chop sticks.
YOu are such a beautiful woman and a loving Mom and Wife. No matter what, you will always be beautiful to me.
I love you MOM