Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rubber Bands...

Good Morning! Another beautifully cold day here. So the trail walk is out of the question today , for which my legs are thankful. I ran 2 miles yesterday. (dont clap yet!) I had to split them up... 1 mile in the morning, 1 mile last night. I did , however, keep my time at 15 min a mile but ooooooooooo am I sore today. I think I am neglecting my stretching a little. I stood up this morning and every time I took a step it felt like rubber bands. My back is blissfully tight,but at least I know I worked the right muscles last night.

I thinks I feel my stomach shrinking. Yesterday I had small portions, only ate when I was really hungry, and drank 100 oz of water and tea. I didn't snack (which is unthinkable) and I worked out TWICE. I think I am getting the hang of this whole 'lifestyle' thing. Now, if I can keep it going today!

Since my hike is out of the question, I am going to drag myself back on that dreaded treadmill and WALK 2 miles this morning. I have a library of workout DVD's, from various energy bursts in the past that I want to try out. The problem is that my 1 yr old wants me to carry her the entire time.. I guess they scare her (or I scare her jumping around like a lunatic!) .. I dont blame her! Although the 20 lbs will definatley be an added workout, I just cant see my back holding out that long. So, will have to wait until nap time I suppose. (hmmmmm Sweating to The Oldies or Tae Bo?) LOL

I have come across some AMAZING woman on here. Their stories inspire me to keep my chin up and keep going. That it IS possible to lose weight and that all is not lost when you have a bad day.. or weigh! Check them out.. they are under my 'favorite blogs' section. I am off to get this day started... better late then never. LOL. (p.s.... again, no sleep last night.) Will worry about tomorrow when it comes, but hopefully I will see you there!!

Bless You


ClareUK said...

Get you with multiple workouts!!

That's fantastic. I always find things are so much easier in smaller chunks. If you do that a few times you'll be doing a half marathon a week.

Keep up the good work.

amanda said...

Breaking up runs into two smaller chunks still works--you still ran two miles. I'm clapping for you!

tigerlilly said...

yeah... I'm kicking my own butt!!!